ESPN Robben and Levante bad relationship Not trouble

Media ESPN wrote that Bayern winger Arjen Robben said he and his teammates need Lewandowski criticize each other, their relationship is not very good. German media Bild on Wednesday said in the locker
mut 16 coins room when the relationship between Robben and Lewandowski poor is not a secret, Bayern 4-0 win over Stuttgart
mut coins in the game you can see some clues. Robben back from injury after being slowly find his state, in the game against Stuttgart twice in the second half did not pass the opportunity to better position Levante, choosing instead shot himself but failed.

Lewandowski in the game to express dissatisfaction. Levante after the game to accept the Bild interview, said: ‘I am not to comment, you have to see how the matter.’ Robben represented among the players remain free to criticize his teammates in an interview is necessary: ​​’In the first half, we also have some of the present situation should choose between passing our freedom to express their views criticism is necessary Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer said:.’ Sometimes Players get angry is not a problem. ‘Coach Pep Guardiola said:’ That’s Robben ah, his personality is like that. I am a good coach, but not good enough to make the 31-year-old Robben to change his personality. ‘(Off er)