Quiet transfer deadline Arsenal Wenger wait for you to put a nuclear bomb!

From the Premier League this summer transfer window closed only a dozen hours, the Premier League giants are supporting efforts for the final reinforcement. Manchester City had just the day before to 80 million euros astronomical signed within Bundesliga MVP; Tottenham still “hooked” England striker rookie front Pa Bella Sinoe; Chelsea, after the acquisition of Stones fail soon In the price of 3.5 million euros to sign French defender Di Luo Boji Nantes Senegal.

Of course, the transfer market holds many lessons for the most popular undoubtedly belong to Manchester United, Van Gaal actually Hao smashed 80 million euros, won never really proven himself a French teenager Marchal, this “stunning” of contracted eye-popping, even outside chanted together: Manchester United fleeced!

However, with the Premier League compared to other despots busy busy, the Emirates Stadium in North London, but it is surprisingly quiet, Wenger’s Arsenal is still no movement, seems to have been abandoned in the transfer market closed before the last minute to sign people think. So far this summer, Arsenal goalkeeper position is only one person bought Cech, three lines are no reinforcement, more than three months in the transfer market only spent 10 million pounds, with Manchester duo, Chelsea and Liverpool put the high price compared to other teams, Arsenal’s squad is almost no improvement.

Rabbi Rabbi Ott Ott also target Wenger Wenger targets

Of course, from the transfer market closed after a dozen hours, although not much time left for Wenger, but whatever the outcome, there is still time, grab grasp nor can not buy people. Perhaps, the real depth charges still to come, the news from the “Daily Mail” said the representative of Arsenal has with local time on Monday, interviewed senior Paris Saint-Germain, the purpose is to want to sign The Paris team two generals Cavani and Rabbi Ott.

Uruguay already Weiminghehe front Pa Cavani, 28-year-old representative of the Greater Paris 53 games scored 31 goals last season, if he can solve Arsenal’s arrival apparently weak front of the current situation; and only 20 years old The French midfielder Rabbi Ott recent years show a high talent last season, played 33 games on behalf of Paris scored four goals, high basketball IQ is the main reason he decided to sign Wenger.

Cock wire counter-attack! AC Milan hit foolproof Euro 8132 Real Madrid Bayern 4th pressure

Serie summer transfer window officially closed, but with Inter Milan and Juventus at the last moment to introduce different reinforcements, AC Milan in the transfer window closes on the last day and did not introduce the players, despite efforts to introduce Galliani admitted over Witsel, but the Rossoneri last moment and did not harvest.

Report: Serie summer transfer list

AC Milan last time “omission” is to let the fans some resentment, but in fact AC Milan this summer in the transfer market has great enough, compared to the previous input AC Milan signings stretched, this summer, the Rossoneri But the forthright enough.

According to the German “transfer market” of data, AC Milan signings net investment reached 81.32 million euros, a figure currently ranks fourth in Europe (Premier League transfer window will be closed at 1:00 on the 2nd). AC Milan in front of only the rich and powerful Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, as well as the Spanish team Valencia, where the Manchester net investment is currently 1.3623 billion euros, net investment Paris to 98.7 million euros, Valencia net investment of 91.9 million euros ʱ??

AC Milan € 81.32 million figure also beat the 74.5 million euros behind Real Madrid, ranked sixth in the 65.26 million euros Newcastle, Juventus net invested 52.9 million euros, Bayern net invested 52.5 million euros, ranked No. 9 the West Brom, the first nine of Atletico Madrid.

AC Milan this summer put in terms of buying players really huge, 30 million to buy, buy 25 million, 20 million to buy, 8 million to buy Adriano, plus On Antonelli, Kuqi Ka, Weier Di buy other players, spent a total of 90.97 million euros, but sell one aspect, bid farewell to the Sabor Narayan, Lamy, Shala Wei and other players only income of 9.65 million euros It also allows the transfer of AC Milan net investment of up to 81.32 million euros.

The introduction of Team Tactics in NHL 16

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checking out agility & control and correct contacts

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the authentic player visuals

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the introduction of dynamic match

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