Chen Chi: football, Jose Mourinho, and our decade

Ten years ago, in the smoke-like rainy season, I know you, Jose Mourinho, it was deep and sharp eyes, under insolent smile is intoxicating you two dimples. In this way, my unruly locks complex. Then you, the first time in the Premier League champion, this rise of upstart Chelsea entered the ranks of the wealthy.

Ten years later, or the flowers of the season, you know the world again, Mourinho, but the years have carved vicissitudes in your face, but messy gray hair, not cover wild but elegant heart. Today you again in the Premier League champion, opened the era of another belongs to Chelsea.

Yes ah, a full decade. From your first led Chelsea won the Premier League title from defending to leave, after Inter Milan, Real Madrid and back again, to today, “Mu II” Chelsea’s Premiership crown first, we had to wait a full decade.

Mourinho this decade is a decade of our youth ……

Let us turn the clock dating back to 2005 of May 1, which is the first 36 Premier League 2004-05 season, Frank Lampard scored twice to help Chelsea 2-0 final defeat away to Bolton ahead two rounds to win the Premiership title This is Chelsea’s first 50 years, England’s top league title, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is also the season of “Mad Men” on Premier League debut for Chelsea dream round for half a century, from among the world’s top coaching ranks.

“In addition to God is me, I am Jose Mourinho (GOD, and after GOD, me.)”. This is Mourinho for self evaluation. Premiership football at a time when international forum of Sina Ding Lin, also as a title, describes a season Mourinho legendary. Since then, the infected Mourinho charisma Ding Lin, also opened his own career Blues fans. After the early morning of May 20, 2012, which is Chelsea beat Bayern in the Champions League, winning the first, I had also witnessed tens of small master slide in the office running jump jumping kneeling + passion celebrate …… until today, Ding Masters still In nine years for Chelsea this first Premiership title excitement, and this is all the world the voice of the Chelsea fans.

Premier League – Chelsea advance lore Azar earn 3 win

English Premier League 2014/15 season, the first 35 of a focus on war in the Stamford Bridge Stadium, fight, Chelsea 1-0 Crystal Palace, after Azar missed the penalty saved blank range into the net. Chelsea leading Arsenal five games did not match with 16 points, ahead of three to win. This is Chelsea won the top league title five times, including four times to win the Premier League.

Chelsea nearly 14 league games against Crystal Palace only a negative one field, nearly 11 home game against Crystal Palace made seven wins and four draws. Crystal Palace last customer wins Chelsea League or Serie B in 1982. The two sides clash of history 41 games, Chelsea 18 wins and 15 draws and 8 losses prevail. Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho since the 25 London derby at home undefeated. He just Courtois rotation Cech played, Remy injury into the bench. Ramirez injured during the warm-up, Cuadrado temporary Ruti, Aker has entered the bench.

If Chelsea win this field will advance three won at Stamford Bridge before the game had sold off commodities championship game began at a celebration atmosphere. Fabregas crossing the ball, Drogba small restricted area before header missed opportunity. The two sides scraping intense opening, both sides failed to create scoring opportunities. Chelsea’s tactics with the lack of free-kick threat, Cuadrado long-range higher. Chelsea by positioning the ball pressure Matic small-angle shot was saved, Cahill header was Speroni off.

Drogba free kick outside the left edge of the area shot was saved by Speroni, Terry missed opportunities blank range. Pang Cheang 12 yards shot was blocked Terry suicide, Crystal Palace player complaints Terry handball foul, but the referee refused a penalty. Fabregas with Didier Drogba after kicking the wall with the restricted area arc left foot volley kick empty,  Shepian the tower up again. Chelsea broke the deadlock 45 minutes, Azar left side into the restricted area was tripped MacArthur, Azar missed the penalty saved by Speroni, he then blank range header into the net.

Mikel replace Cuadrado played the second half, Fabregas off the mask of the premise location. Crystal Palace lost the rhythm, Chelsea controlled the game. Ivanovic 30 yards long shots just wide. Mikel Drogba after kicking the wall with the same edge of the area low shot was confiscated. Drogba with William with a shot into the restricted area failed to miss the opportunity. Pang Cheang rub low shot 25 yards wide of the right column. Zaha sent forward pass, but unguarded Sanogo closed Youlei missed opportunities.

Cahill shot free-kick melee Ward denied the right Ivanovic penalty area 12 yards left foot volley wide. William right pass, Drogba 14 yards shot wide of the right post. Jah restricted the right of small-angle shot was blocked out Courtois attack. William left-footed shot inside the restricted area arc cut into the same target. Zuma replaced William, Chelsea discharged three defensive midfielder, Crystal Palace fans sang:. “Boring, boring Chelsea ‘Azar injury time to be replaced, the audience stood and applauded the fans. Chelsea won the final ahead of three.

Whistle sounded the end of the game while instant boiling Stamford Bridge, the audience burst into “We Are the Champions” hymn. This is Chelsea, winning the first league title in five years, Manchester duo broke the monopoly of the league title. This is the fifth Chelsea won England’s top league, where the Premier League four times won the first prize. This is Chelsea in the first 15 titles Abu era.

Inzaghi: finish the season with dignity I will continue to give everything

After Milan lost at home to Genoa, coach Inzaghi said: “We want to look forward and finish the season with dignity.”

“At this time it is difficult to know what will happen next. I’m always full of fighting spirit to work in our mental Udinese there is a problem, then we want to strive to find the exit. We did not do today. Today we hard. we want to go ahead and finish the season with dignity. “

“We have decided to suspend the training, which is our common decision and the club. I and the coaching staff to return to Milanello, players can take a short break.”

Diego Lopez has done very well, his mental state is always the best. I’m happy for him.”

“Then, no matter what it is to face the hard life of a coach occur, Milan are in my heart. I am here seems to have been a lifetime, I am very optimistic, I will continue to give everything.”