Juventus play Barcelona Buffon blinked first? Our chance to win less than 35%


Juventus will soon meet with Barcelona in the Champions League final, comes to this Battle of King Mountain, leaders Juventus Buffon weakness is active, indicating that the party’s chance to win, “less than 35%.”

“After a lapse of nine years, I went back to Berlin,” just before nine years, Buffon with the Italian team to climb up the top of the world, “Let’s see if we can find the same feeling, I think with 9 years before feeling it should not be much different. ”

Barcelona against a powerful enemy, Buffon also take the initiative to show weakness, “kick Barcelona, ​​we have a chance to win less than 35 percent down, but we also have our own weapons, we have to play his football.”

Buffon went on to say, “Before kick Real Madrid, we know that the gap between us with each other, but we use the time to make up for two games this gap, but also do a little bit. I finally teammates into the Champions League today finals, the club and the fans are our most grateful. We must be very cool to say that we know what is about to face the difficulties, we need a strong mentality, because if you look on their own crises, the opponent is very easy to I will kill you. “

Dott officially announced the renewal of the defensive backbone of the team left to 2018


Dortmund officially announced the team defender Subotic two-year contract, the new contract until 2018.

Dott continued to suffer from the brain drain of the season, coach Klopp has announced his resignation, midfielder Gundogan also refused to renew the team, in the remaining cases one-year contract this summer, leaving the team a great possibility, when the Soviet Union Bodi Qi and renew the team is undoubtedly a shot in the arm.

Subotic from 2008 follow the teacher Klopp transfer from Mainz, where he has grown into Europe’s top defender, on behalf of the team played 186 times scoring 15 goals, and he and Hu Myers defense consisting of are extremely reliable, they help Dott Bundesliga summit twice, and broke into the Champions League final in 2013, suffered serious injuries last season, Subotic, state of decline.

Zheng Tao Jin: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Bayern youth academy La Masia stronger than Barcelona because of the lack of negative Roberto


German giants Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the former German soccer star 27 in Hangzhou, Alibaba headquarters for the Xinhua News Agency reporter interview, said in an interview this iconic figure of German football after the recent adoption of the reform and development of the overall program Chinese football expressed interest, she said Bayern hope to help Chinese football cultivate outstanding youth coach, and the introduction of one or two potential enough Chinese players when appropriate.

Rummenigge believes Bayern’s youth system of outstanding talents, even better than the world-famous FC Barcelona’s La Masia youth training center. (How do you think? Indeed, Bayern youth pig output, Muller, Lahm, Alabama, etc., but Barcelona’s La Masia training Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, etc., from the quantity and quality point of view, it seems the only solution in the world)

Rummenigge said in an interview recently criticized top force also Bayern coach Pep Guardiola said after Bayern in the World Cup can have such a performance, and the results have been very satisfactory, Guardiola’s criticism is unfair He stressed that the attack claimed Guardiola, pass control of the football philosophy represents the development trend of modern football and the future, and the Champions League semi-final defeat to Barcelona, ​​first, because the opponent is indeed the world’s best team, and second, because of the lack of Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben and Bayern Alabama strength greater damage.

(Subhead) Bayern youth stronger than Barca coach hopes to help Chinese culture

Rummenigge said Bayern two years ago after research that China and the US are the two most important market in the future to Bayern, and now, with full reform program supported by the Chinese side that the policy will be the most important and most with the growth potential of the market, better than the United States, Bayern deeply interested and want to help Chinese football in the youth culture of outstanding coaches on.

Rummenigge said: “Chinese football in order to develop and improve, cultivate excellent youth coach is the most important part, we hope to increase cooperation with China football coach to help train Chinese football talent.”

Rummenigge to German football as an example, saying that you first need to learn good coach, German football at Euro 2000 was a very poor, under heavy criticism, which prompted them to intensify change and learning, and in 2006 after gradually showing the effectiveness of the national team play better, and successfully won at last year’s World Cup in Brazil.

When a reporter asked Rummenigge, FC Barcelona’s La Masia is the world’s most famous youth training center, Bayern’s youth center who is better when contrast, the fame, power and comparable Beckenbauer The German former football star appeared confident, he said: “Bayern’s youth (than Barcelona) train more good players, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Muller, Alabama are all from the system There are about 75 by Bayern youth system of good players active outside of Germany and the German high-level league. Although Barcelona Messi cultivate top talent, but Bayern’s youth from the quantity and quality Introduction overall stronger than Barcelona. ”

When it comes to this season to join Wolfsburg Chinese players Zhang Zhe thin, Rummenigge said he was aware of this matter, but Bayern are also concerned about the Chinese players, hoping to introduce one or two players when opportunities. He said: “In fact, a few years ago we had to send scouts inspect Chinese players, but unfortunately we received information and can not afford a good enough player, but I believe that with the launch of Chinese football reform, China will appear. good players. ”

(Subhead) World Cup in Barcelona because of the lack of negative drag Bayern “Raberg”

Rummenigge said Bayern despite the recent Champions League semi-final exit by many critics, but he was Bayern this season achievements and proud, you know Bayern are in the season after the World Cup has made three consecutive Results from play to score he felt already very good.

Rummenigge said Bayern array has 14 players took part in last summer’s World Cup in Brazil, the players are generally more tired, in this case leading to the second team also won by 10 points, and be able to Champions League semi-finals, had also 7: 1 and 6: 1 victory over rivals such classic battle, it was enough to be satisfactory.

When talking about the reasons for the semi-finals losing to Barcelona, ​​Rummenigge said: “First, because Barcelona is indeed the world’s first great team, and second, because we lack the Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben and Araba these large main players, we have played more than 70 minutes the first good, but Messi in the 77th minute goal has changed everything, the next game we lost balance of offense and defense. ”

(Subhead) melon handsome football philosophy advanced its style represents the future trend

Rummenigge said in an interview to Push a lot of criticism recently been Bayern coach Pep Guardiola, said he admired Guardiola stressed that attack, pass control of the football philosophy, and this philosophy represents the trend of world football and advanced future.

Rummenigge said Guardiola promote this style of football is very advanced, supra century Dutch Total Football revolution compared to football is more similar, and greater difficulty in the moment. Rummenigge said that football now than 20, 30 years ago, defense and scraping more intense, although now the football coach can use computers and video and other means, but they face greater media pressure.

Rummenigge believes that German football is very similar in style to win the World Cup in Brazil and Spain when the style of football, but also different, mostly German team (microblogging) more stress on the defense, unlike Spain more emphasis on attack.

For Chelsea and Atletico Madrid football as practical, efficient style of football, Rummenigge though not the favorite, but he expressed the need to respect that kind of style. “You have to respect that kind of style of play, they used that kind of style can achieve good results,” Rummenigge said, “like Italian football is more emphasis on defense, I myself have played in Italy for three years, they love with a dead bolt style defense. I want to say that football is a nightmare for offensive players. ”

(Subhead) and they remember the Hengda Brazilian foreign aid

Bayern in July this year and also in China and Valencia, Inter Milan and Guangzhou Hengda play warm-up match, the Guangzhou Hengda, Rummenigge said he was two years ago, the Club World Cup on the opponent still impression on Hengda Brazilian foreign aid is even more impressive.

When a reporter asked Rummenigge constant brigade to support the impression that, the 60-year-old German football master, said: “In Morocco, the Club World Cup semi-finals Hengda can be a lot of progress, I am That Hengda’s game still impressed, especially their Brazilian striker (Muric or Elkeson) is very good. The team was coached under Lippi’s amazing to achieve this level.